For Hotels And Restaurants


You’re striving to make your guests comfortable. Well New Express Company is here to help you make your mission accomplished.
Our solutions help you ensure that your laundry is cleaner than clean and your image is spotless.
From bedding to table linens, towels to uniforms.
our high capacity equipment can help us handle your heavy loads and difficult stains.

Why New Express Co.?

As a hotel manager, Linen is one of the physical items with which guests come in the most contact. It should look good and be well maintained.
That is why working with a company like New Express Co. will help your image look better and decrease (if not eliminating) the risk of having

Working with a company like New Express Co. will eliminate the idea of in-house laundry and thus a hotel or a restaurant can use the laundry space for other profitable ventures.

New Express Co. is located in Beirut which is minutes away from most of our major Hotels and tourist places in Greater Beirut Area.

Chemicals & Detergents

At New Express Co. we are dedicated to provide a quality laundry service coupled with efficiency.

To provide this service, we use only quality Chemical products in our process to extend the life of our customer’s linen while providing bright, clean and fresh smelling linen.

Back Up

In case of any emergency, New Express Co. can rely on its double inventory of machines.
Our infrastructure is geared towards nonstop production; we have double inventory of all important items such as Boilers, Compressors, etc.


Procedure for clean linenThe following details the steps we take to handle our customers' linen

Pick Up

We pick up the customers soiled linen at the prearranged time, the customer will count, classify the linen by item or color and place in special bags for shipment.

Destroying Bacteria

Linen is processed by one of our Flat work Ironers that presses the linen at a temperature between 190 and 200 degrees Celsius thus further destroying any type of bacteria or virus.

Linen Place

The linen will be placed in our soiled linen place where our wash men who are protected by protective apparel weigh it.

neat package

Then the linen passes through an automatic folder which dispenses a neat package with as little handling as possible.

washing machine

Then it is placed into the proper industrial size washing machine depending on the amount of kilos to be processed with the proper chemicals used.

classified and packed

After the folder it is now classified by size and packed in special packages to avoid any contamination.

Aligned and Classified

The linen is now placed into clean laundry carts and sent to the dryer’s department where it is aligned and classified by item (linen) or (Towels & fluff items).

drying department

The towels and other fluff dry items are sent to our drying department where they are deposited into one of our industrial dryers. All of our dryers are steam heated to provide a longer life to the tensile, strength and color of the fabric. White stays white longer.