Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to professionally clean garments?

Professional cleaning is a lot more than one process. At New Express Co., we employ a number of techniques to give your garments that “like new” appearance.  Professional cleaning can be broken down into three general categories – dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and laundering.

What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning uses solvents to remove soil and stains from fabric, it is called dry cleaning because the solvents contain no water and do not penetrate the fibers as water does. Goes in dry and comes out dry.

What is wet cleaning?

It’s the term used by professionals for washing garments in water.  Wet cleaning is the most effective method to remove water-based stains.  Like in the dry cleaning process, wet cleaning starts with the pretreatment of spots and stains using special cleaning agents.

What is laundering?

New Express Co. special detergents, additives, and finishes, set our commercial laundry apart from home laundering.  Starch, if requested, is added during the wash cycle, so the entire garment receives the treatment. The garments are still damp when pressed. Garments are put on a series of presses that dry them during the process to get that crisp finish.

Does frequent dry cleaning shorten the life of a garment?

On the contrary, frequent cleaning prolongs the life of a garment.  Not only do stains set with age, making the garment not wearable, but ground-in dirt and soil act as an abrasive, like sandpaper, causing rapid wear of fibers.  Also, insects are attracted to soiled clothes and will cause further damage.

When a garment’s label says “washable” does that mean it can not be dry cleaned?

Not necessarily.  The Care Label Rule states that only one suitable method of care must beNew Express Co.el.  New Express follows the care instructions, unless otherwise requested.

Are suede and leather cleaned the same way other fabrics?

No.  Special procedures and additives are used on leathers to help retain their color and texture.  Sometimes suede and leather are dyed to replace color loss.  It is not always possible to replace or match the colors.

Does dry cleaning shrink clothes?

No. The dry cleaning process is carefully controlled by our professional cleaners.  Excessive shrinkage is usually caused by improper preshrinking by the manufacturer.

So what should I do when I get a stain?

Think of water and club soda as the same, and never apply them to oily stains, lipstick & ink stains.  Especially on dry clean-only fabrics…

Water can spread stains, bleed dyes and ruin silk – and other dry clean-only fabrics – making future removal or restoration by our experts an impossible task! Gently blot the stained area with a dry, white napkin and stop. Try to dry clean all stained clothing within 24-48 hours and always point out the stains. Time and heat can set stains, so take care not to leave your soiled garments in hot cars before taking them to be cleaned. If the garment is washable, and the stain has no oil in it, you have our blessing to use water or club soda – in small amounts!