About Us

New Express Company is a family owned business established in 1969. In this website we will try to show you why? and how? New Express Company has grown to be one of the major companies in Lebanon; in addition to the services we provide to our much appreciated clients.

New Express Co. Company was established by Said Hajj Ibrahim in 1969. His main concern was the laundry business.

With the use of skilled and professional labor plus the use of the most state of the art technologies in terms of equipment, New Express Co. has grown to be one of the major and biggest laundries and drycleaners in Lebanon.

We have been diligently servicing Hotels and Restaurants for many years. We specialize in servicing your linen and we are extremely proud of our quality, efficiency and the economy we provide to our much-appreciated clients.

We are located in Beirut which is minutes away from most of our major Hotels and tourist places in Greater Beirut Area.

Our equipment is of real industrial caliber; our target was for machines that produce large amounts of quality linen rather than massive amounts of average linen.